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Here is our very first after service podcast with a special invterview with Pastors Jeff & Diane Wright.  Be sure to check out for the latest in up to date information about Skyline Vineyard Church.

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**We Apologize for the Audio Quality**

For up to date information check out

Skyline Vineyard Church is a community of faith that seeks to follow Jesus with lives demonstrating justice, mercy, and humility.

Skyline is a church that is all about loving and following Jesus. That statement can be off-putting to some but, we believe that people generally don’t have a problem with Jesus. They have probably had a bad experience with the ones who follow him. Therefore, everything about our services, our relationships, our worship and teaching is centered around the person and work of Jesus Christ. It is our deepest desire to see ordinary people find hope and purpose by placing their trust in Jesus and living for Him. We believe that knowing Jesus and loving Him will result in a changed life, as He takes away our old desires and gives us new ones.

We invite you to join us in the journey of discovering what it means to follow Jesus in a modern context.

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